Dr. Matt Osepchook

Website and Local SEO for an award-winning dental practice of Dr. Matthew Osepchook in Nelson, BC.

Designing a Dentist’s Website

I created a mobile friendly website for Dr. Matthew Osepchook’s dental practice. It provides patients with information about Dr. O. and his team, and answers common pre-visit questions. I also created a calendar to help patients and staff schedule appointments.

I did local SEO to ensure the site gets found by people in the surrounding area looking for a local dentist online.

Dentist Website on Mobile Device
DrMattOsepchook.ca - Dentist website as it appears on smartphones.

Making It Friendly.

Most people don’t enjoy going to the dentist. So we used pastoral imagery (similar to photos in the office), personable text (written by Dr. Osepchook), and calm colours to convey the friendly, welcoming atmosphere of the office.

Warm colour scheme, friendly text, and beautiful imagery create a welcoming website.

Improving Search Visibility

Patients looking for a dentist in the area must be able to find Dr. Osepchook. So his dental practice website needs to dominate in search results.

To do this, I performed on-site optimizations and created a Google business listing. Having a Google listing makes it easy for patients to leave and read reviews. This is critical for local SEO because business listings that include customer reviews present greater credibility and, naturally, receive more clicks.

The combination of SEO, and a Google business page with reviews has helped us get the results we wanted. Dr. Ospechook’s dental website holds the top position in the search results we’re aiming for.

Our dental office hired Bryant Web Design to build our website. Chris created a brilliant site and did SEO to attract our patients. It has reduced our marketing expenses considerably. If you’re looking to build a presence on the web for directing business to your front door – talk to Chris.
Dr. Matthew Osepchook

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