About Bryant Web Design

Bryant Web Design is the Kelowna studio of Website Designer & SEO Specialist Chris Bryant. Providing Beautiful and Effective WordPress Websites & SEO since 2010.

Proven Web Design & SEO Solutions


Hi, I’m Chris Bryant, a Kelowna web designer and digital marketer. I design and develop WordPress websites and perform search optimization for clients throughout BC. I work in a studio office in Kelowna and do everything personally, with meticulous attention to detail. I provide professional results at reasonable rates.

I’ve built websites for a diverse range of businesses and projects. Including chimney repairs, metal fabrication, church, online training and memberships, ecommerce, dentist, and more. 

If you’re looking for a website, or just want a no-commitment conversation with a web expert to get an idea of your website options, I’d be happy to chat. Just use the contact form. Thanks. 

Website Expertise


I started coding websites in 1997 using plain HTML. Although there were visual tools like Microsoft FrontPage, I found (as many developers do) nothing beats hand-coding for quality. 


Eventually I started using a Content Management System called Mambo, later renamed Joomla. I spent years on that platform. But in 2008 I built my first site using WordPress and never looked back. 


I prefer creating custom sites using Genesis Framework. I’m at home with HTML, CSS, SASS, and to a lesser degree, PHP. I find custom-coded sites perform better in all respects. Current visual design tools like Elementor and Beaver Builder come in very handy for budget and time sensitive projects. But when possible, I prefer clean, efficient code not yet possible with most visual tools.


For eCommerce websites, I recommend Shopify because it provides store owners with an easy platform to use on a daily basis. I’m a Shopify Partner and have experience customizing Shopify Liquid code, and doing SEO on Shopify. 

Genuine SEO

SEO Since 2004

I started doing SEO in 2004, for my own online business, before doing SEO to help other businesses. Since then I’ve spent thousands of hours optimizing websites for search engines and users. My SEO knowledge gets incorporated into my site development and content creation. The result is highly optimized websites from the get-go.


SEO education never ends. I learned much of what I know by experimenting with and testing best practices. Beyond hands-on daily experience, I’ve taken training from a variety of recognized SEO authorities. Including Distilled, MOZ, and SEMrush. I also devote time to keeping up with Google Web Console resources, and the Google Search Team.

Design Approach

My website designs have a some consistent elements. Despite the web changing everyday, the things that make websites convert (get leads and sales) haven’t changed.

  • function first, then aesthetics
  • clean, easy to look at, lots of white space
  • lightweight and high-performance
  • emphasis on user-friendly experiences
  • meticulous attention to detail

I’m a student of design. Or, to put it less pretentiously, I’m always taking design courses! lol. I constantly study website usability, conversion optimization, and people’s behaviour when they’re using websites. I back my design decisions with data. Whether it’s research, statistical data, or user-experience, SEO.

Work Examples

My portfolio includes websites designed for lead generation, e-commerce, and marketing websites for clients in many industries. Including interior design, construction, retail, non-profits, and more. See Website Portfolio



Before launching Bryant Web Design, I worked for 20+ years as a music & digital audio technology consultant and educator in Vancouver. I served a wide range of pro and amateur clients and was responsible for sales totalling seven figures annually. My pro audio career gave me sales, marketing, and customer service experience that has proven very valuable in the work I do with my website clients.