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Meet Your New Star Salesperson!

A great website is like a highly trained salesperson working for your business.

They’ll not only greet visitors and keep your reputation positive. But they’ll qualify them and guide them on their journey to becoming a customer.

Like customers in a brick-and-mortar shop, visitors to your website are at different stages in the buying process. Some are discovering your products for the first time. Some already know about your product or service. But are comparing with competitors. So they need education. While some visitors are familiar with your offerings and are ready to buy now.

When your website is designed with intelligent strategy and direction, it will work to meet and guide each visitor where they’re at. It will turn visitors into leads and leads into customers.

Hiring The Right Website Designer

There’s a challenge that you – the entrepreneur or business owner – must overcome when hiring a web designer to help your business. It’s this:

Many web designers think about websites as pretty pictures, trendy designs, and catch-phrases. 

Web designers are usually not salespeople.

That poses a problem. If your website doesn’t support your sales process, how can it help your business generate sales?

Why Communication Is Key

Why do some websites perform really well for businesses while others do nothing?

I believe it comes down to communication.

Here’s what I mean…

The world of web design, social media, SEO, and online marketing is full of jargon. Unless you’re a digital marketing specialist, you probably struggle with the terminology. What do SEO, CRO, UX, Algorithm Updates, and SMM actually mean for your business?

Jargon creates the potential for miscommunication. When your business is on the line, miscommunication in your sales and marketing can make or break your business.

For example…

Do You Really Want a Website?

Why are you here right now?
I bet it’s not because you want a website.
You’re here because you want more customers, leads, sales, and profits. The website is just a means to an end.

But what if you ask a web designer to help your business grow?
Often the designer will create a website with a contact form, a business address, and a nice photo.

You want customers. You got functional art.

So – let’s get to the point…

Getting Your Website Right

Yes. Proper Web Design, SEO, and Digital Marketing Will Work For Your Business.

When planned correctly and executed well, your website becomes a valuable part of your overall business.

I know from experience. I’ve created websites that generate 100% of the leads for a new business. I’ve also designed websites that multiplied the number and quality of leads businesses get each month.

In every case, the most critical part of the project is the communication I have with website owners – before I design or build anything. I take the time to understand your sales process and value proposition.

When the design and marketing of your website clearly communicate the real value of your business to people, amazing things happen.

What Makes Bryant Web Design Different?

I was a salesperson and technical consultant for 15 years before taking my own business on the web in the early 00s. I got deeply involved in web design and SEO out of necessity. At least, at first.

Back in 2001, I needed to sell my local training courses online. I learned how to code websites (HTML, PHP, CSS… if you’re interested). Then started learning and using SEO and conversion optimization to attract and keep paying customers. As they say – the rest is history. That experience turned into the last 20 years of online web design and marketing experience.

The website clients I serve today rely on my technical skills in web design, development, and SEO. But they benefit most from my sales and consulting experience. Because when all these things work together, our team can deliver reliable, measurable results for people just like you.

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