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Bryant Web Design is a local Kelowna business founded by Website Designer & SEO Specialist Chris Bryant. Providing Powerful and High-Performing Websites & SEO since 2008.

Hi, I'm Chris Bryant.

I’m a Kelowna web designer specializing in SEO and high-performing websites for small and medium-sized businesses. 

What is a high-performing website, and why do you need one?  

In my opinion, high-performing is the way all websites should be created, but aren’t. I build websites that factor in the things that matter most: the experience your users have, mobile device compatibility, professional branding, Google and Bing search rankings. All of these things work together to drive more traffic, and engagement by your visitors with your business

Isn’t that why you want a website in the first place?


My Experience & Background

I started building websites in the early 2000s for my own business (online training with students world wide). 

In 2008, after almost a decade building websites for my own projects, I started building websites for other businesses professionally. Word of mouth spread, and this is what I have been doing ever since. 

Before working on websites, I had a 17 year career as a sales and technical consultant in the professional recording and film industry in Vancouver. Consulting is essentially educating customers. My clientele in Vancouver included clients like CBC, Electronic Arts, Rockstar Games, and thousands individuals, from aspiring and to accomplished artists, engineers, and producers. 

My professional experience comes into play with almost every website I do. Connecting customers with the right problem-solving solution (such as your business) is genuinely very exciting and rewarding for me.


I was that kid who was always tinkering with electronics and figuring stuff out. That passion because a career when I started doing technical consulting in the late 80s. And later, when I became a professional educator, training people in-person, and online.

I coded my first website in 1996.  I got into the web seriously, and I was taught by a close friend who was a seasoned developer. I had excellent instruction from the get go. But have not stopped learning since!

In addition to my hands-on experience, I’ve taken training in every area of service I provide, including: HTML, PHP, JS, CSS, Design, Usability, Responsive Design, CRO, WordPress and Shopify development, and more exhaustively, my focal point of SEO. 

The web changes constantly. Web education never ends.

How Can I Help You?

We help drive results for you and your business online. What does that really mean?

For most of our clients it means having a website that gets found in search results. It means when people find you – they spend time on your site learning about what you offer, and take steps toward hiring, or buying from you. Ultimately we are working to help Google, and potential customers recognize your website and business as authoritative, trustworthy, and able to provide what they’re looking for.

In a practical sense, this means two things:

1. Google recognizes your site as an authoritative result for relevant search queries and rewards you with greater visibility in search results. That means more traffic for you.

2. People engage with your business: they take action and call you, fill out a form, or visit your business in person.

How do we do it?

We take the time necessary to learn about you, your audience, and your business before we build anything. We’ll help you discover options, and strategies you may not have considered. We look at ourselves as an extension of your team, not a vendor. 

We get into it, and get behind your business to help you succeed online.

Ready To Discuss Your Project?

Let’s have a 30 minute conversation. Tell me about your project, ask your questions, and I’ll give you the best, more reliable feedback and guidance I can to help you on your way – whether that means working with me, or not.

Use the form below to send and email me. Or call 778-215-7784, Monday to Friday between 10AM and 6PM

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