Mark As Read and User Bookmarks Implementation

Some customization experiments with the Mark As Read WordPress plugin from Pippin Williamson and CG Cookie.
	<?php echo mar_read_unread_links($read_text = '<span></span>', $unread_text = '<span></span>', $wrapper = true) ?>
		<?php echo upb_bookmark_controls($add_text = '<span></span>', $delete_text = '<span></span>', $wrapper = true) ?>
		<span><?php previous_post_link('%link', 'Previous', TRUE); ?></span>
		<span><?php next_post_link('%link', 'Next', TRUE); ?></span>

These styles would follow the core styles for a icon font family.

.upb_add_remove_links {font-size: 16px;}
.upb_del_bookmark {color: #B65951;}
.upb_del_bookmark:hover {color: #a7382e;}
/*When Item Has Been Marked As Read*/
.mar_mark_as_read {color:#242526;}
.mar_mark_as_read:hover {color:#000;}
.upb_add_bookmark  {
.upb_add_bookmark:hover {

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