Code Snippets

Genesis Columns SASS Variables

Include these variables in your SCSS to easily include Genesis column class widths as variables in your stylesheets.
$margin:        2.564102564102564%;
$one-half:      48.71794871794871%;
$one-third:     31.62393162393162%;
$one-fifth:     17.94871794871794%;
$one-fourth:    23.07692307692307%;
$one-sixth:     14.52991452991453%;
$one-seventh:   12.08791208791208%;
$one-eighth:    10.25641025641025%;
$one-ninth:     8.831908831908832%;
$two-thirds:    65.81196581196582%;
$two-fourths:   48.71794871794871%;
$two-fifths:    38.46153846153846%;
$two-sixths:    31.62393162393162%;
$three-fourths: 74.35897435897436%;
$three-fifths:  58.97435897435897%;
$three-sixths:  48.71794871794871%;
$four-fifths:   79.48717948717948%;
$four-sixths:   65.81196581196582%;
$five-sixths:   82.90598290598291%;

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