What Is WordPress?

WordPress is the most widely used Content Management System software on the web, powering more websites than any other software. Find out why.

WordPress Manages Your Site Content

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) software that helps you create, edit, and update the content of your website. It makes it easy to manage pages, blog posts, and media like photos, audio files, and downloads.

If you know how to use a word processor (like Microsoft Word, or Pages), and are comfortable moving files around on your computer, you’ll find managing content with WordPress a breeze.

What is WordPress?
WordPress CMS enables website owners to manage their content anywhere. The dashboard is a mobile optimized design and can be used on smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.
What is WordPress?

Powers 34% of all websites.

There are many Content Management System options available today, including Joomla, and Drupal. But WordPress eclipses them all, powering 34% of all websites!

From BC businesses like QuickMobile, and Famoso, to government websites like Small Business BC, to websites with millions of monthly visitors like Bloomberg, StarWars.com, and Forbes.

The bottom line: Using WordPress means you’re in good company.

Want Your Own Custom WordPress Site?

Free. But priceless.

CMS software used to be an expensive, enterprise tool for big-budget brands. But thanks to GPL software licensing, anyone can launch a world-class website. Under GPL WordPress software is free to download from WordPress.org.

SEO friendly.

Making websites SEO friendly can be a complex task. But WordPress is built for SEO. Web developers have full access to the code — a definite SEO advantage. Plus, WordPress provides tools to manage on-page SEO – without code – out of the box.

Popular WordPress Features

60 million website owners love WordPress. Here’s some of the reasons why.

Easy to use

Publishing content is quick and easy with WordPress. With a mobile responsive dashboard, publish from your desktop or your phone.

Search engine friendly

Customizable URL structures, breadcrumb navigation, and other built-in features offer a competitive edge in search – out of the box.

Powerful media tools

The powerful WordPress media manager gives you all the important tools needed to manage your images, videos, and mp3 files for your site.

Plugins and add-ons

eCommerce, marketing tools, media galleries, and so more. WordPress plugins make it possible to create any website you can image.

Website security

Since 2003 WordPress has undergone continual improvement to address and mitigate common security threats, and vulnerabilities. It’s secure.

High performance

People want the web to be fast. WordPress software core includes snappy, advanced code. It’s made to be fast, lightweight, and to outperform the rest.

Looking for WordPress help?

Got a WordPress site but need help getting it into shape? Chris Bryant has been Designing and Marketing WordPress websites since 2008. We offer hourly and project based customization, theme tweaks, site design, and training. Call 778-215-7784 now to get started.