Finding the best hosting for your website can be tricky. There’s thousands of hosting companies out there that claim to offer amazing hosting for next to nothing! So where do you begin?

In this article I’m going to share my own personal experience with several leading hosting companies. I’ll tell you up front what I use and why and I’ll share some of the details about companies I would not recommend and why. I’ll wrap it up with a list of hosting companies that have come to be recognized as reliable and affordable and worthy: the ones who work hard at earning your money.

Web Hosting Basics

The first thing I’d like to point out, or perhaps confirm in your mind, are some obvious truths. These are things that you probably know very well but because of the way online marketing works, these truths sometimes get downplayed.

You get what you pay for.
Not all hosting is the same.
The value of reliable support cannot be overstated.
Just because a company is big, doesn’t mean they’re the best.

Like I said – obvious stuff. But it needed to be said.

Storm on Demand by Liquid Web

Rather than make you wait till the end, I’m going to put this up front: here is the hosting I use and which I wholeheartedly recommend for anyone who is running more than two websites. Small Business Web HostingSince 2010 I’ve been hosting all of my own business sites using Storm On Demand – a secure, cloud-based VPS web hosting from LiquidWeb. Here’s why.


Web Hosting needs to be reliable – especially if your livelihood depends on it. Storm On Demand has demonstrated 99.99% up-time reliability with all of my sites.

Heroic Support

I’m not a server technician so when something is going on with my server – I want a technician who knows server technology – not call-center in Yugoslavia – to be there… in the actual data center to help. Storm on Demand provides that for their customers.


A VPS is a virtual private server. This is in contrast to most low-cost hosting plans, which are shared servers. With your VPS, you have a dedicated allotment of CPU resources, memory and an IP address (up to 8 if needed) that are yours and yours alone. This means you avoid the sluggish performance and security risks of sharing your server with dozens of anonymous users on over-populated servers (such as with many Shared hosting plans).


Your site will be fast! Mainly because you’re not sharing with said shared sites. But also because Storm on Demand enables you to activate server side file compression and caching to make page load times snappy for your customers. This speed also has the added benefit of improving the overall SEO of your site.

Maintenance and Backups

Everyday Storm on Demand backs up my servers and keeps those backups for as long as I want.

Why We Use Liquid Web’s Storm on Demand servers

Storm on Demand hosting is trusted by small and large businesses around the globe. They’ve built a solid reputation for world-class professional service and server maintenance.

Storm on Demand gives us – the website developer – the server access and control we need to build secure, optimized websites while providing us with around-the-clock, heroic technical support from highly skilled engineers who oversee the physical servers at the datacenters.

Web Hosting Small Business

Data Center Information

Storm on Demand’s infrastructure resides in Data Centers owned and operated by parent company Liquid Web, Inc.

Data Center Features:

  • Manned 24/7 Facility with Closed Circuit Video Monitoring
  • Redundant Network Infrastructure
  • Multiple Generac Diesel Generators
  • Multiple Powerware UPS Units

Prefer to Setup Your Own VPS?

If you already have a preferred web host, or would like to purchase and set up your own Storm on Demand VPS, please do. We’re happy to design a site and transfer it to the hosting provider of your choice upon completion.

Please note that our back up and maintenance services are only available on sites hosted on our VPS.